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Our local region SEO package is designed to increase enquires and traffic to your website
Promote SEO
$ 450 per month (AUD)
10 search terms
Ranking guarantee
13 month local region campaign*
*Special Offer includes 1 FREE month
On-page SEO & Off-page SEO
Partnered with Australia’s #1 rated SEO team
SEO copywriting
Billed monthly in advance
Package as of May 2019. All prices in AUD including GST.


We’ve partnered with Australia’s #1 rated SEO team

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of maximising the exposure of a website in search engine results.

Websites are ranked according to many variables which principally fall into two areas; relevance and credibility. The relevance of your site will include you in the results. The credibility will then determine how close the site is to the top of the page.

Why SEO?

For most businesses, SEO cannot be ignored, purely due to the sheer number of people who now turn to search engines when they are looking for a product or service. You need SEO if that’s where your customers are or you miss out.

Besides keeping the business flowing, SEO is, for many, the most cost effective form of marketing. It takes some time and effort, but once you’re established every click, lead, and customer is FREE! There’s nothing quite like it.

Why Us?

Our results driven business model comes with one important necessity – quality.

So many fail to deliver meaningful results as they outsource your campaign overseas. It’s tempting, but in our field this can have a serious impact for our customers. There may be short term gains but they’re short lived, and the penalties of having your website tainted by illicit techniques can be hard to live with.

Our Process

  • Account Manager
  • Research
  • Website Optimisation
  • Implementation
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Build Authority


We know that there are plenty of SEO companies, especially those who outsource their work overseas, that are happy to take your money and either pretend to work or use techniques that are not effective in your market. We offer an SEO service that is accountable. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay. In our agreement, we’ll guarantee to achieve a percentage of your key phrases into page 1 positions, typically within 90 days from when we gain access to the site and implement the on-site SEO. No, this probably won’t make you a millionaire, but it shows that we are working hard on your campaign. Most importantly, the results achieved in the first 90 days must be achieved in a sustainable manner as we have additional milestones to meet throughout the campaign. If we don’t achieve a milestone, your payments are suspended until we do. The guarantees are offered as a safety net, for your peace of mind. Naturally, our objective for your campaign is to well exceed these milestones.

For the most part, modern content management systems make available SEO tools that allow us to make the changes required. There are, however, a number of exceptions that – due to the inconsistency of how the search engines rate them – we do not recommend for SEO. Contact us for more details.

We do the work but you’re in control.  Selecting the best key phrases takes into account the competition levels, consumer behaviours & clustering of key phrases in support of each other. The site will rank for many variations of the key phrases but the more included in the program the more exposure you will experience.  The trick is to go after key phrases that have a high probability of delivering a customer.  Say you are a mortgage broker.  Would it be nice to rank for “home loan”?  Of course – but it’s impractical as the competition levels are very high. So the better choice would be something like, “mortgage brokers in Melbourne”.  Not only is this more practical but the likelihood of engagement is higher than a generic search like “home loan”.  The key phrases that we target are mutually agreed.  You need to be happy with them and we need to ensure that the phrases have been chosen responsibly.  If we cannot agree on the key phrases, then we will expire the service and the agreement.

Getting to page 1 is a great start but, as you are probably aware, the higher up the page the more dramatic the improvements to your traffic. Our objective is to maximise the exposure of your website and ‘Page 1’ is just the first step. In terms of our guarantees, we’ll run a benchmark report at the start of the campaign and any key phrases already on Page 1, won’t count.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. The search engines are well aware that websites are dynamic, in fact they reward sites for being up-to-date. The authority of your site is attached to your domain name, so as long as you maintain the relevant content in the right places, launching a new site should only enhance your SEO.

An important part of any SEO program is the effective set-up of the website and its content in a way that allows the search engines to properly categorise the information. This will include a lot of technical elements, such as site maps, robots.txt files, integrations with analytics and search console as well as the application of keyword-rich page titles, descriptions, headings and copy. We provide all of these services within the SEO program so we need to gain a degree of access to your website to implement these changes. In most cases that’s simply by way of a content management system, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. If you don’t have a content management system, or if there are limitations, we can gain access to the site via the server, either with logins to the server console or an ftp account. Finally, in some cases where sensitive information is present we can prepare a report that outlines the changes we require for the SEO program.

Not sure whether SEO is right for your website?

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